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Your Medication Coach

The Problem:  Medication Nonadherence 

Many of us have trouble remembering to take our medications on a regular basis.

The Annals of Internal Medicine has documented that less than half of all prescribed medications are ever taken. In the United States alone, medication nonadherence accounts for 120,000 deaths every year! This is more deaths per year than colon and breast cancer combined. 

Dr. Bayer struggled for many years to find ways to help his patients improve medication compliance without success...until an idea struck him and after 10 years of research, development and clinical trials, he found success with of all things, a fuzzy little bear!

MediTeddi Bandana.png

Solution:  Meet MediTeddi

A bear that SAVES lives!

MediTeddi is a simple, easy to use and cuddly interactive health coach that will ask twice daily if you took your medicine and gives encouraging responses no matter what answer is given.

The answers are stored for review by you, a loved one, your caregiver or medical team to see how well you are doing.

Having MediTeddi, a cuddly and friendly healthcare coach in your home 24 hours day is the solution!

MediTeddi can help ALL ages

Janelle M.

I used to take my depression and birth control pills very irregularly. Now I feel I have a friend who wants me to stay well. Thanks MediTeddi!

Young woman.png

Clara T.

 Thank you for bringing MediTeddi into our lives. Before MediTeddi, I had to fight every day with my son to take his seizure and ADD medications. Now he is proud to press the "Yes" paw to let MediTeddi know he has taken his medications. 


Melanie H.

MediTeddi saved my life! In one year I have cut sugar levels in half! My cholesterol and blood pressure levels are also better. MediTeddi has become like a family member. My granddaughter calls MediTeddi Dr. Bear!



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